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The top 3 showstoppers of cloud computing – and an unexpected one

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Cloud computing is the hot buzzword of the day and is currently at the very the top of the hype cycle. I do believe that there is more to the cloud than that hype, meaning that some companies could benefit greatly from cloud computing. In spite of the hype and those real opportunities that the cloud brings, some things may stop companies from actually adopting cloud computing.

Below I will briefly describe what I believe to be the three most common showstoppers, plus one that I stumbled upon and – quite frankly – was a little surprised to learn about. Read more…


Idempotent Capability – new pattern description published

A new and improved description of the Idempotent Capability pattern has just been published @ The pattern explains why idempotency is important as well as why and how a non-idempotent capability can be transformed into an idempotent capability.

Many thanks to my co-contributor Cesare Pautasso as well as rewievers Radovan Janecek, Ian Robinson and Nicolai Josuttis.

SOA & Cloud Symposium is coming to Berlin 2010

SOA & Cloud Symposium 2010

The third installment of the International SOA Symposium and the second installment of the International Cloud Symposium will be one huge co-located event in Europe from the 5th to the 6th of October 2010. The first time around it was arranged in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the second time (and the first time for the cloud symposium) in the modern city of Rotterdam. This year it will come to the world city of Berlin. Read more…

SOA with .Net & Windows Azure

SOA with .NET & Windows Azure

Finally! The book is officially lauched and available at well-assorted bookshops. Read more…

From JBOWS to JABERS – the holy grail called SOA is still nowhere in sight

Joe McKendrick, that I’ve had the pleasure of working with on several occasions, created a new word a few years back. He called it JBOWS. I really like the sound of that word, try it by yourself: JBOWS [DJEYBOUS]. Anyway, JBOWS is not only a word it is also an acronym: Just a Bunch Of Web Services. Joe correctly identified some big gaps in the application of service-orientation in the new so called services and architectures of services that were to take companies closer to the holy grail called SOA

Web Services was seen as an almost failsafe path to salvation, and everybody was doing it. The problem was that while everybody was focusing on the new hot and cool technology called Web Services they forgot the really important things namely Read more…