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My outsourcing blacklist

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According to some sales persons you should outsource (or even offshore) as much work as possible. Their rant usually goes something like this:

By offshoring you would be able to save a ton of money by making use of the workforce of low wage countries whose inhabitants are both intelligent and educated – and motivated ta boot! Nobody can ever get fired for doing that!

Well, this post presents a somewhat different attitude towards outsourcing. There are in fact things that you should never ever consider outsourcing…

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When should you rewrite and when should you just modify that old code?

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Today I was in need of arguments to support my personal opinon, so it was kind of an ordinary day. As always I turned to Google. After some fruitless clicking around I finally found something useful over at stackoverflow.

Jack Marchetti neatly formulated his question as “When to rewrite a code base from scratch?” and some of the answers were pretty good.

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When to Agile and How much to Agile – that is the question

Infinite risk

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Agile is gaining more and more popularity compared to plan-driven software development approaches. There is a strong community push in favor of agile, and truth be said agile has quite a few advantages. However, a couple of questions needs to be asked. Should all projects use agile methods? To what degree should a particular project be agile?

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Thinking Digital 2011 – the blog post

Thinking Digital Conference is a wonderful mix of innovation, technology and great thinkers. The 2011 edition of the conference even caught the attention of The Guardian that wrote several articles about it. In this post I want to share some of the impressions that stuck with me after joining the conference and spending a little more than two days in the beautiful Newcastle Gateshead in the UK.
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