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Thinking Digital 2011 – the blog post

Thinking Digital Conference is a wonderful mix of innovation, technology and great thinkers. The 2011 edition of the conference even caught the attention of The Guardian that wrote several articles about it. In this post I want to share some of the impressions that stuck with me after joining the conference and spending a little more than two days in the beautiful Newcastle Gateshead in the UK.
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SOA & Cloud Symposium is coming to Berlin 2010

SOA & Cloud Symposium 2010

The third installment of the International SOA Symposium and the second installment of the International Cloud Symposium will be one huge co-located event in Europe from the 5th to the 6th of October 2010. The first time around it was arranged in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the second time (and the first time for the cloud symposium) in the modern city of Rotterdam. This year it will come to the world city of Berlin. Read more…

Developer Summit 2010 – a retrospective


DevSum10 had a Porsche Boxter Spyder sponsor car thanks to Micael Herkommer

DevSum10 was a developer event that stood out from the rest. First, it was sponsored by Porsche and Bollinger. Second, it had a very nice speaker’s dinner at one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. Third, it had a lot of community activity prior to the event due to a very nicely arranged competition. But of course, just as with websites, in conferences content is king! This year attractions were probably above all the patterns & practices team that delivered several talks, but also a number of other speakers from Sweden and abroad. As I was a speaker myself I didn’t have time to attend all the sessions that were interesting but below I have written some short notes about some of the talks that I did manage to attend.
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.NET4ever – the Swedish launch event for Visual Studio 2010

Tiberiu Covaki .NET4ever in Stockholm

My friend Tiberiu Covaki (a.k.a. Tibi) just arranged a very nice launch event for Visual Studio 2010 in Stockholm under the banner .NET4ever. Besides introducing Visual Studio 2010 the speakers talked about WCF and WF, Silverligt, Entity Framework and F# (all of them 4.0 of course). Read more…