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Data in the cloud and how the big cloud vendors handle consistency

The way to go in the cloud

Massive scalability is a key component of elasticity that in turn is the key advantage of cloud computing. Handling massive amounts of data is far from easy whether you use cloud computing or not. To get the real benefits of the cloud there are a couple of limiting factors that needs to be considered – at least that is the way the official dogma goes.
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SOA with .Net & Windows Azure

SOA with .NET & Windows Azure

Finally! The book is officially lauched and available at well-assorted bookshops. Read more…

Developer Summit 2010 – a retrospective


DevSum10 had a Porsche Boxter Spyder sponsor car thanks to Micael Herkommer

DevSum10 was a developer event that stood out from the rest. First, it was sponsored by Porsche and Bollinger. Second, it had a very nice speaker’s dinner at one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. Third, it had a lot of community activity prior to the event due to a very nicely arranged competition. But of course, just as with websites, in conferences content is king! This year attractions were probably above all the patterns & practices team that delivered several talks, but also a number of other speakers from Sweden and abroad. As I was a speaker myself I didn’t have time to attend all the sessions that were interesting but below I have written some short notes about some of the talks that I did manage to attend.
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