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When to Agile and How much to Agile – that is the question

Infinite risk

Photo by aftab

Agile is gaining more and more popularity compared to plan-driven software development approaches. There is a strong community push in favor of agile, and truth be said agile has quite a few advantages. However, a couple of questions needs to be asked. Should all projects use agile methods? To what degree should a particular project be agile?

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Simplifying the Agile Manifesto


Original photo by worak

Today J.B. Rainsberger made a very commendable effort to simplify the Agile Manifesto. He was inspired by Simplified English and the reduction of the ten commandments into two simple rules. In his post he challenge us (everybody) to find any meaning in the Agile Manifesto that his simplified version do not cover. I urge you to take a look at it.

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