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SOA with .Net & Windows Azure

SOA with .NET & Windows Azure

Finally! The book is officially lauched and available at well-assorted bookshops.

Local pre-launches in Stockholm

The book was actually pre-launched in Stockholm on two occasions:

These copies were printouts of a an earlier version of the manuscript (weeks earlier not months earlier) so those of you that won those books have a “special edition” that is close to the final version!

Official launch at TechEd US 2010

Yesterday the book was officially launched at TechEd US. I would have loved to be there to present together with my co-authors, but sadly I wasn’t able to make it. Some good news is that the book was on the bestseller list of the TechEd Bookstore both monday and tuesday! (Possibly also for the rest of the week?)

Read more about the book here: http://www.soabooks.com/net

My co-authors were (listed alphabetically by last name):
David Chou
John deVadoss
Thomas Erl
Nitin Gandhi
Hanu Kommalapati
Brian Loesgen
Christoph Schittko
Mickey Williams

I would also like to exted a special thank you to my friend and former colleague Arman Kurtagic that helped out a lot with the book.

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