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Developer Summit 2010 – a retrospective


DevSum10 had a Porsche Boxter Spyder sponsor car thanks to Micael Herkommer

DevSum10 was a developer event that stood out from the rest. First, it was sponsored by Porsche and Bollinger. Second, it had a very nice speaker’s dinner at one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. Third, it had a lot of community activity prior to the event due to a very nicely arranged competition. But of course, just as with websites, in conferences content is king! This year attractions were probably above all the patterns & practices team that delivered several talks, but also a number of other speakers from Sweden and abroad. As I was a speaker myself I didn’t have time to attend all the sessions that were interesting but below I have written some short notes about some of the talks that I did manage to attend.

Villa Östersund from ross.se

Listening to a real architect

Pål Ross works as a real architect and has been rewarded for his beautiful designs. One of the first things he said was: “People are not rectangular, so why should our rooms be rectangular”? Softer shapes tend to make people feel better; so much of his work is inspired by art and shapes from the nature. He is also fond of designing houses for inaccessible sites that doesn’t lend themselves easily to traditional buildings. He carefully explore the construction site and then attempts to use the different features (e.g. slopes or gigantic rocks) to help shape a unique and functional house. In the end features that normally would be considered obstacles for house-building become prerequisites for the final design. This requires ingenuity in more than one way. In order to pull it off new ways of constructing buildings are needed, and those ways also have advantages that should be capitalized on.

iPhone and iPad, agile security and SOA design patterns in the cloud

Christian Weyer held a nice presentation about WCF and distributed applications but also talked about development for iPad and iPhone. He even brought his own iPad to the set so that the audience could try it out while listening in. He concluded that developing kick-ass applications for iPad and iPhone is more difficult than it should be. It is always entertaining to listen to Christian and this time around he managed to talk about the ESC (yes he is German!) and that he really liked the fact that Sweden gave Germany 12 points….

Weyer and kick-ass iPad applications

Original photo by Josefin Andersson

Sergio Molero delivered an interesting presentation where one of the most important points was that the SDL must become more Agile. In a world with shorter time-to-market security needs to adapt too. I myself delivered my SOA Design patterns in the cloud presentation during the second conference day.

Silverlight meets REST in Azure – the ‘Hire a Geek’ application

After the two conference days I and my colleague Fredrik Göransson delivered a full day workshop called “Silverlight meets REST in Azure”. We explained how the HATEOAS design-principle works and why MVVM design pattern is a good idea when you are developing Silverlight clients. Then we introduced our “Hire a Geek” business process, built a service with WCF and a service consumer in Silverlight. At last we hosted it in Azure. During the workshop the participants got one-day passes to Azure accounts (thanks Robert and Microsoft).

Hire a Geek

Screenshot of Hire a Geek (thanks Cristian Barbici for helping out with the graphics)

It was a great conference and I would like to say thanks to the arrangers for a job well done. Hope to see you all at DevSum 2011.


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