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Removing the default feed button from the iNove theme

The iNove theme is very neat (so neat that I use it on my blog!) and has a lot of features. However, one of the features is a little bit annoying. It has a nice feed / RSS button with a roll-over that can display a box that lets your surfer subscribe to the feed using his/her favorite feed reader. This is what the sidebar will look like when you hover over the feed button with your mouse pointer.

iNove feed with Reader List

Neat, right? If you do not like this feature you can disable it under Theme options. Simply uncheck the checkbox behind Feed (see the image below).

After that the neat box will not appear when you hover over the feed button with your mouse pointer.

iNove feed

Neat, right? The problem is that there is no default way of changing the feed address. And just why is that a problem? To me that is a problem since I would like to use feedburner instead of the default feed that wordpress.com manages. The reason for this is simple: feedburner have some nice features that I kind of like.

My only option is then to use a widget to display my feedburner feed. And that works fine, except now I have two feed button since the iNove theme doesn’t even offer the opportunity to disable the default feed button. To solve this problem I can use the following CSS-snippet to hide the feed button.


Simply paste that CSS-snippet into the CSS Stylesheet Editor and add it to iNoves stylesheet.

The default feed button on the iNove theme is now out of sight and out of mind! It can still be found by search engines etc since it is still there in the html source of the page as the next snippet shows.

<div id="subscribe">
	<a rel="external nofollow" id="feedrss" title="Subscribe to this blog..." href="https://herbjorn.wordpress.com/feed/"><abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> feed</a>

I can live with that. The remaining problem is that I have to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade in order to do this. Not neat!

If you have any tip on how to get rid of the default feed button in iNove then please let me know!

PS Remember that I cannot modify any PHP files or the database directly since I use wordpress.com.

  1. 2011/10/03 at 20:40

    I just switched my theme, but I have an error whenever I try to click on the RSS button. It says there’s an error in the code. My blog is free so I can’t get into the CSS. Is there any way to fix it without buying the upgrade to alter the CSS?

    • 2011/10/04 at 08:56


      I just tried to click your RSS button and there was no error. I even tried using an RSS reader for your feed and it worked out just fine.

      Even if you do not pay for your WordPress account they do offer support, so if an error occurs they will help you. You can contact support via http://en.support.wordpress.com/

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